Do you want to chat with someone about faith? Do you have a prayer request? Or do you want to meet online for prayer? Are you looking for a group discussion? We want to help you connect! Check out our events, discussion groups, and chat options. Please note, some of our discussion group pages require registration and a password (to protect individual members’ privacy in sensitive conversations).

We host a variety of online events throughout the year. These events are organized and hosted by the Central church of Christ. Some of our past events include Mountain Men, the Women’s Song and Devo Week, and other online classes.


We organize a variety of small groups for discussion and mutual spiritual mentorship. While we are happy to help you find a discussion group, we also have some password-protected areas for each group.

As a congregation, we try to undertake projects that bring us closer to each other and to our God.

Do you want to pray with someone? Do you want to ask for prayer? We can meet with you online or at the church building offices, safety permitting. We have a few quick ways for you to get in touch with us.

Chat with us using messenger. Look for the messenger icon in the bottom right to chat with us in real time. You can chat anonymously as a guest or use your Facebook account.

You can also send us a message using this form, and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

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    You can easily contact us using our chat, which is monitored by the congregation’s ministry couples and administrator. You can use the chat anonymously or using your Facebook profile.

    Look for the messenger icon () in the bottom right corner.