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1) My first thought is David throughout the Psalms. I randomly opened to Psalms to chapter 31 and it’s actually such a great example of David putting his trust in God, leaning on Him to be his refuge and strength. I really recommend reading through it, I think it’s a “new” favorite passage of mine!

2) I think some practical ways to bring our cares to God and centering around him are by prayer and digging deep into His word- really allowing God’s word to permeate my mind. I think doing devos like these with our fellow sisters (and co-ed studies too) really help strengthen our faith and helps keep our focus centered.

3) I really resonated with Hannah and her grief and struggle and pleading with God to bare a child. (I do realize and acknowledge that whether God granted me a child or not He was still faithful and I would continue to be faithful to Him.) I will forever be grateful to God for giving me Thatch and like Hannah (or sort of like Hannah) who lent her son to the LORD, I will do my best to bring Thatch up in the Lord.