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Indra Riffell

Whitney, I like your choice of Hannah. I recall our sister Philomena recounting one ladies day how she was shunned by her husband’s family because she could not produce a child…a son. She said she was heartbroken, but God heard her cries and gave her not only one child but many.
Psalm 31 tells us of the joy of being in God’s presence:
1. The storehouse of goodness for His children so that all people will see the result of His grace to us (v19)
2. The protection He provides for us- His armour and His Word-so we can stand firm in the Lord
3. The faithfulness and mercy He offers us-He hears our cries in good times and in bad times

Thanks Whitney for bringing Psalm 31 to our sharing so we can be reminded of the faithful, loving, and powerful God we serve.