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Brianna Wiebe

Thank you for this reflection. Various aspects of it have stuck in my head for the past week, particularly about the idea that the pain of loneliness is a reminder that this is not what God designed us for. Throughout my life as an introvert I have taken much pride in independence and continually sought out spaces and times where I could be alone, so I think I really needed to learn the lessons about how much we need community that this pandemic has taught us. As the restrictions get tighter and especially during my own recent period of isolation (where to be honest, the loneliness for two weeks was much harder for me to manage than any of my physical ailments from covid), I have learned the importance of community like never before and I have made many intentional choices to build and maintain friendships that I probably never would have considered doing before. While I long for the end of this pandemic, I do hope that even after it ends I will continue to remember the pain it caused and the lessons it taught so that I can keep improving at making community a priority.