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Alisha MacMillan


Thank you for your thoughts. It is a different perspective for me, to remind me to consider that some individuals may experience this season in a very different way than I do. I have had some losses that I do think about each year as I do miss sharing the holidays with my grandmother’s who have both passed.. both of which always made every effort to be sure that Christmas was a special season of love for all of our family to enjoy.

But, I think that it is because of their efforts, that I have gone on to be able to really enjoy the beauty of this season and all of the fun traditions and winter activities. I am fortunate that I do not feel like I have had any experiences that have caused me to be broken hearted at this time of year, however your devotional is a very good reminder for me to remember to “weep with those who weep”… And to “rejoice with those who rejoice”; to remember that everyone is experiencing this life and this season differently than I am.