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      Elizabeth J Turner

      Alisha MacMillan: Enthusiastic for her faith! and aware of other’s needs. I believe she is the make it happen kind of a person. If you want something to get done without excuses.  She is the person to do it.  If I am building a team I would want Alisha on my team because I know if she commits to it, it will not only get done but it will be done well. Wonderful woman of God who by standing firm in the Word and through her gentle character brought her spouse to Christ. Dedicated to helping others when needs arise, wonderful singer.

      Bea Denby: Wonderful woman of God who by standing firm in the Word and through her gentle character brought her spouse to Christ. So compassionate and transparent. Wise in a humble way, willing to be open and vulnerable about her life, authentic. Gorgeous voice, I just get lost in listening to her sing. Kind. Lovely. She has a quiet strength and trust in the Lord that invites others in.

      Breanna Barker: Wonderful Mom to two precious girls, tackling what is given to her with grace, and strength from God. Wonderful woman of God who by standing firm in the Word and through her gentle character brought her spouse to Christ. Passionate for the less fortunate. Cares about people around the world– she keeps people in her heart even if they are out of her sight. She longs for God’s kingdom to come. Shares openly, making space for wisdom and for the struggles of others.

      Brianna Wiebe: Thoughtful enough to be very wise, but carries her wisdom humbly. She’s open to growing and learning. She is good at finding words for things that are sometimes hard to articulate. She shares her thoughts and experiences bravely and openly, creating space for personal growth, connection, and encouragement for others. Her enthusiasm for God’s word is contagious.

      Charlotte Kowalson: A gentle and thoughtful soul who is always ready to help others. Works hard and cheerfully for the faith of the children in our congregation! She is a good listener, and makes it safe to open up by also being honest about her struggles. A very good writer. She is faithful and dependable. She’s wise and kind, an absolute treasure of a sister. She is creative and makes beautiful things, and her love comes through in her writing and crafts. The more you get to know her, the more you admire her, some of her most precious qualities come out quietly and deeply over time.

      Diana Turner: When I think of Diana her name is almost synonymous with wisdom in my head. I think of a person you want to go to for good and Godly advice. A Godly mentor to women of all ages. a servant heart. Wise and gentle, very gentle spoken and calm. She speaks about people with utmost respect and compassion, whether or not they are in the room. She is very wise and mature, but still stays open to learning. A good example to us all, in wisdom, love, learning, hard work and kindness.

      Elizabeth Turner: A true sister in Christ. Such a loyal, loving and truly encouraging friend.  She feels for people at the core of her being   Liz just always has the right words to say to make you feel better about things.  I alway feel like I have much to reflect on after talking to Liz. I also always feel like no matter what my challenge or problem is it will get better.  God will make it better. A woman who, guided by the Holy Spirit, creates opportunity for encouraging and building others up.

      Eva King: A Godly mentor to women of all ages. A great example of a faithful woman, a great mentor. She has a great sense of humor, she’s enjoyable to spend time with. She’s there for people, quietly and faithfully, like it’s the only right thing to do, she doesn’t think twice about it. She’s willing to go out of her comfort zone if there is a way to show love to people, and willing to work really hard behind the scenes to make sure people have what they need. She builds up relationships over time, so that we have good reason to trust her.

      Fiona Webb: She is a thoughtful and selfless lady. I pray more will get to know her sensitive heart. She’s able to understand different perspectives but still hold the truths she’s come to believe. She wants to grow in knowledge and wisdom. She has a kind heart for people from all circumstances in life, she is able to see through the outside to someone’s humanity and value. She is resilient and strong, “keeping on” in love and hope when life is hard.

      Indra Riffell: Works very hard and quietly for the people in our congregation when they have a specific need. A great encourager. She does things unto the Lord, whether people will see or not. She thinks of people who are out of sight and helps them feel remembered. Well-read in Scripture and related information, a great listener. Her faith runs deep, and her hope runs deep. She’s a good listener.

      Lavern Walters: Woman who hungers and thirsts for God’s Word. Enthusiastic and a great encourager. A great example of being a Christian woman, mother, and friend. She has integrity, and has lived out that integrity for a long time, so that it runs deep and is tested. With the wisdom and integrity she has worked hard to gain and maintain, she could be prideful, but displays humility and still an eagerness to learn and grow. She’s a faithful friend and shows her kindness in many ways.

      Linda Manimtim: I believe is a quiet storm. She can easily go unseen but she possesses a great depth of wisdom and insight. She is incredibly intelligent and a very hard worker. She does many things behind the scenes that often go unrecognized. Her baking and cooking skills and sharing attributes have made many in God’s family happy. Such a servant with so much talent to share! Great encourager. Great listener, uses her skills to spread God’s Word and encouragement. Great to be around, I look for opportunities to spend time with her.

      Melanie Hobbs: I love sitting near her to hear her beautiful voice ringing out praises to God. Works tirelessly and enthusiastically for our congregation. Great singer, steady in her faith and her example to others. You can count on her, even if it costs her a lot, she comes through the best she can to be there for people. She enjoys sharing her creative gifts, and that joy comes through. Passionate for truth.

      Philomena Monofi: A passionate and strong woman and a true example of a faithful wife and mom. A friend to all and a fine mentor. enthusiastic, encourager. A great Mom to four precious children, shows her faith in how she lives. Beautiful singing voice. Willing to serve however she can. She has a deep faith and reassurance in God’s faithfulness, and speaks with a motherly authority about it. It’s not a shallow faith, though, she can acknowledge the pain of this life and speak peace into that reality by the grace of God.

      Selina Leung: Children in the family of God love her. Very well organized! Pleasure to work with! Her sweetness is evident and so genuine. She invites us into sisterhood with her by being open and kind, and you know that she means it. She works hard to share her gifts. She has a mentor’s heart. Gentle spirit, faith-filled, and an example to all. Resilient. Beautiful inside and out.

      Vanesa Jacobs: When I think of Vanessa I think of someone who has the strength of a warrior.  She has a passionate love for her family and the Lord.  She is a faithful friend. Woman who hungers and thirsts for God’s Word. She is there to lean on if you need her. She understands and offers love easily. An active learner, desires to follow God and a great Mom to two precious children. She gives her children space to be themselves, and nurtures the beautiful parts of who they are.

      Whitney King: Where to begin… Whitney is so full of love, it emanates from her whole life and being. She is kind and gentle, and somehow manages to be a good listener and gracious while still being honest about her beliefs. Gentle-spoken, faith filled Mom to one precious boy, great listener, great singer. Life is better with her in it. She goes above and beyond in the ways that she shows up for people, from offering faithful moral support to helping with life in practical ways.

      William Turner: Liz’s ever-present help at the computer, asked to be included in the list. :). This guy loves to be involved and connected because he truly loves people with his big heart.

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      Fiona Webb

      Wonderful – thank you everyone xoxo

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