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      Liz Turner

      Let’s have some fun, and see if we can learn something new about each other!

      Here’s an icebreaker question for today:

      What kind of music did you listen to in high school? Did you ever perform, and if so, what instrument?

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      In high school I listened to a little bit of everything. I really liked punk rock (ha!) though. I didn’t play an instrument. But, I was in show choir and sang alto. What about you Liz? and everyone else? 🙂

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      Even in high school my music tastes were eclectic and varied – I listened to Petra (Christian Rock), Bon Jovi, Weird Al Yankovic, Musical Show Tunes, some country like Don Williams and Randy Travis, and so much more!
      I played piano mostly for myself and played clarinet in band. I was also in the school chorus – couple years as alto one year as soprano. I managed to perform in one of the musicals that my high school put on – just in the general choir, but still dressed up and acted out my part!

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      Eva King

      In high school I listened to “rock and roll” like the Beatles and Petula Clark 😂a new concept at the time!! but when was in nurses training I “saw the light” and went country — Don Williams (like Charlotte) he was around a long time!! And Charlie Pride!! No I sure never performed 😳

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      Liz Turner

      We are all so hardcare, haha, I love this. My friends in youth group were the punks, so I was into the Christian punk scene. I’m not sure I ever really liked the music, but my friends were great! Other than that, my peak musical experiences have always been just sitting around singing casually with friends and family. (I think Mel and I are going to have an all-nighter hymn sing when Covid subsides! Who’s in??)

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        Alisha MacMillan

        I am totally all in.

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      Welllllllllll, this is going to sound SUPER strange so please don’t judge me lol. My high school days were filled with heavy metal and alternative rock (never mind), opera, and musical theatre. I used to play piano and sing lots, so I performed in lots of musicals and theatre productions. Fun days. But I’m with Liz, my favourite musical experiences were jamming with friends with a ukelele (I’m not good at the ukelele though but it’s still fun)

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      I was also sort of into the punk rock music scene with friends in high school but ended up turning more to acoustic guitar artists.  I hoped I would find a Christian guitar player to date and marry, ha ha. Evan actually isn’t musical but that didn’t deter me much.  I grew up learning to play the piano and played flute in Junior and high school.

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      I listened to a mix of music. But did not particularly like country music at the time. I also played clarinet for awhile.

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