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      Liz Turner

      Hi all! I have a message on loneliness today:

      I’m going to make a note here, too, that if you are having trouble coping with loneliness (or anything else– having trouble getting through the day emotionally), it’s okay to seek professional help. Sometimes our brain chemistry goes off just like our body chemistry can, and we need a little support to get back on track.

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      Eva King

      Thx Liz, I think  loneliness is a huge problem right now! It is good to be reminded we are not alone and also that we should not hesitate to reach out for some virtual company!!

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      Indra Riffell

      I agree loneliness is a huge problem since the pandemic, especially so for the shut ins. God’s grace, through Jesus, places us in a spiritual family, so we can take care of each other. Thank you Liz for reaching out to us sisters so we can encourage each other.

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      Thank you for this encouraging post Liz! <3

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      Thank you Liz. It helps to have loneliness acknowledged. I can imagine so many years ago when there wasn’t any quick means of communication and how difficult it would have been. I am thankful for the technology we have today. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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      Love this  and very true. Isolation is hard right now.

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      Diana Turner

      Thank you for the encouragement, Liz.  Loneliness is such a complicated emotion, because it can come from so many different causes. Whether it’s the physical separation from loved ones that we’re all experiencing now, or feeling like we’re not accepted or understood by the people we’re with, struggling with inner conflicts or hurt that no one knows about, or being let down by people we trusted, and so on–every one of us has experienced loneliness. God promises us over and over in Scripture that he will never leave or forsake us, but it’s hard to take hold of that promise sometimes! I do find it interesting that God works through the concept of family–he calls us his children and in the church family, his intention is that we should be able to find connection and love as brothers and sisters through our common relationship in Jesus. But even in the church family, we can feel lonely at times–and I appreciate that Liz has encouraged us to own the emotion, knowing that it is real and legitimate. Psalm 139:7-10 “Where can I go from your spirit . . .” is a beautiful reassurance that God is always with us.

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        Liz Turner

        Yes. And the kinship I’ve shared with Christians has been meaningful on a whole different level than other “shared interests” I may have with people. The church can be a painful place at times, but when it’s working right, incredibly beautiful.

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      Brianna Wiebe

      Thank you for this reflection. Various aspects of it have stuck in my head for the past week, particularly about the idea that the pain of loneliness is a reminder that this is not what God designed us for. Throughout my life as an introvert I have taken much pride in independence and continually sought out spaces and times where I could be alone, so I think I really needed to learn the lessons about how much we need community that this pandemic has taught us. As the restrictions get tighter and especially during my own recent period of isolation (where to be honest, the loneliness for two weeks was much harder for me to manage than any of my physical ailments from covid), I have learned the importance of community like never before and I have made many intentional choices to build and maintain friendships that I probably never would have considered doing before. While I long for the end of this pandemic, I do hope that even after it ends I will continue to remember the pain it caused and the lessons it taught so that I can keep improving at making community a priority.

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        Liz Turner

        Brianna, I’m sorry to hear that you had Covid, and the isolation does sound awful. It sounds like you’ve recovered?

        I’m going to throw out there that I do think introversion is a wonderful gift from God. In fact, it seems like sometimes introverts enjoy the deepest friendships! And it’s good to see you, in all your uniqueness and beauty, seeking to grow in wisdom and community.

        Hopefully at some point, balance in all things will be easier to maintain than it has been this year. We need quiet times and people times both (and different ratios from person to person!).

        I’m praying for each of us that we will be responsive to the Lord’s provision even now, though– to notice and name the gifts of people and the gifts of sweet still moments during these weird days!

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      Oh my goodness Breanna. I hope you and you’re family have recovered from you having the virus! Praying you all stay healthy in the future. Xoxo

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      Brianna Wiebe

      I have fully recovered, and none of my family or friends got sick in the process. 🙂


      Liz, I would love to hear more about your thoughts on introversion as a gift from God sometime.

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      Breanna Barket

      Hmm.… it seems like there is another Breanna Wiebe? But spelt like Brianna?  In any case I just want to clarify that the Breanna Barker and family have not had covid and are doing well.

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      Elizabeth J Turner

      Yes! Thanks for the clarification, Breanna Barker!

      We seem to be winding down this particular group and gearing up for the January study (register at if you want to join that). It’s been lovely being in touch with you all, and some great conversations have come from this, very enriching to me personally at least. So thank you all for sharing here.

      Maybe I will do a final post with some describe-yourself prompts to make sure we all know who we have been chatting with, so that we can carry some of these connections into seeing each other in person again one beautiful day. Let me think about it, and keep your eyes peeled for that post.

      Also note that the women have an ongoing Zoom Bible study class on Monday nights from 8:30-9:30 pm. Talk to Diana for more info on that. They are starting a new study next week I believe. It’s a very loving group that has been meeting for that, and the lessons are rich with information if you’re hungry to learn.

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      Fiona Webb

      Oops I didn’t realize, I noticed the spelling but thought it was spelt wrong on purpose, sorry Breanna, I’m glad you are well and am still thankful Brianna is doing alright! Thank you for the update Liz, I am sad this study is over soon but looking forward to connecting again though other studies!

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