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      5 Small Barley Loaves and 2 Small Fish (John 6: 1-15)


      When I read the miracle of Jesus feeding the five thousand men, plus women and children, I marvel at the power of God and the love and compassion of our Saviour for us. But have I given any thought to the boy who offered his food? No, have you?

      This boy had two options:

      • He could think like Andrew about how far would his food go among so many people, and simply keep his food for himself. OR
      • He could willingly offer his 5 small barley loaves and 2 small fish to Jesus not knowing how it could ever feed so many people.

      The boy chose option 2. He willingly gave ALL his loaves and ALL his fish to Jesus. Did Jesus spurn his little gifts of food? No.

      Jesus graciously accepted them indicating He could use them no matter how small the amount.

      Jesus then gave thanks to His Father for them; He knew how he would use them.

      Jesus increased the loaves and fish and distributed to bless over 5 thousand people who may have died physically and spiritually.

      What about our loaves and fish? Our gift(s) of talent/abilities? Our time? Our money? Our knowledge and understanding of His Word? Do we think our loaves and fish too small to matter or make a difference in the world around us?

      God’s Word tells us that Jesus thought it worth His while to buy us with His blood and to use us in His Kingdom and to further His Kingdom. Isn’t it worth our while to bring ALL that we have to Him no matter how small?

      Let us offer our loaves and fish as the boy did in this narrative:

      • Let us therefore willingly offer all our loaves and fish to the Lord Jesus Christ
      • Let us humbly allow Jesus to accept our meager gifts and give thanks to God for them
      • Let us trust Him to multiply our gifts and guide us to distribute them to others so they can live physically and spiritually.

      This devotional was inspired by Charles Spurgeon’s book entitled Following Christ (Revised Edition, 2018).

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      Wow, such a great message Indra- it has definitely given me some food for thought. I never have thought of the boy in this passage and you’ve made some really good points through him. Thank you for this!


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      Eva King

      Thx Indra, I have never considered the part the young boy played in this miracle either! Reassuring that what ever we have to offer can be useful  if it is given in faith.

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      Lavern Walters

      Thanks for sharing Indra.

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      I love this one !

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      Liz Turner

      Thank you, Indra! This makes me consider what holy humility looks like. Sometimes it is easier or more natural to put yourself down or stay out of service because of “humility,” to say that your own loaves and fish couldn’t possibly make a difference. But here, you’ve offered the perspective that it was always God’s work in us anyway! I’m encouraged to exercise simple willingness. Beautiful.

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