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      Brianna Wiebe

      Thank you for this reflection! This Bible verse was used as the theme verse for the summer last year at the camp I work at, so it brings back many memories of ridiculous skits and silly songs about the kicks of kindness, the gentle jacket, the pants of patience, the cape of compassion, and the hat of humility. 🙂

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      Liz Turner

      Thank you, Eva! This was encouraging and challenging, and it was beautiful to see you.

      Brianna, thanks for sharing those memories, that was nice to read.

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      Indra Riffell

      Thanks Eva for the message. It reminds me of clothing ourselves with Christ whose attributes are those you mentioned. It is a tough list but with daily practice, we can improve.

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      Lavern Walters

      Thanks so much for sharing Eva.  The Fruits of the Spirit such as love, forbearance, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control as well as anything to do with compassion or empathy has always been my biggest challenge in my walk with God.
      I found your thoughts to be both encouraging and challenging. Encouraging because we are all making the journey together one day at a time.  Yet is was also challenging because we all need to wake up each day deciding to strive to get better.   Being honest, accepting where we are at, while striving to be better.
      Thanks Eva.

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      Thank you for this encouraging message Eva! I had no idea compassion was a struggle for you. You clothe yourself well in it 🙂

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      Selina Leung

      Thanks Eva! I love your analogy of a cozy blanket, I think that when we are clothed in these characteristics it will bring a comfort to ourselves as well as those around us. This was also a good reminder to me that these characteristics don’t always come naturally which is why it is so important that we be intentional about clothing ourselves in them, as they can cover or remove characteristics that you had on before.

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      Eva king

      it is so nice to read the thoughts each of you are adding about this passage,  they are helpful to me! Breanna what a great way to make that passage come alive!  we will have to remember that skit when we have a ladies day some day???

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