Worship Service Worksheets

Worship Service Worksheets

Weekly resources for pre-school, elementary, and high school/young adults

Resource description. Download and print the PDFs. Additional interactive activities (including an online live chat for teens) are available on dedicated webpages. We are working to produce monthly/weekly booklets, but please bear with us if we miss a week as this is a volunteer project.

If you do not have access to a printer, please email us directly at info@biblestudycentral.ca; we will try to find a way to deliver or mail a package of worksheets, time permitting.

Number of lessons: TBA


Click on the worksheet level you want to download. You might want to use a combination of worksheets for your children, so please feel free to check out different levels and use any of the worksheets.

Worksheets are organized by date, with the most recent sermons at the top. Don’t forget to check out this preschool video series made by one of our own Bible school teachers!