Sermon Worksheets – Sign Up Sheet

Help with Sermon Worksheets!

We need help preparing worksheets! Please look at the sign-up sheet below and add your name. You don’t have to do a whole series of worksheets – you can can choose the age group you are comfortable with. Please use your judgement, and we would love your creativity! But if you need ideas, just take a look at the past worksheets on the download page. You can also see some tips and information at the bottom of this page.

Here’s what we need from you!

  1. Click here to open the sign up sheet or look below to see the schedule.
  2. Choose a date/topic and an age group. You do not need to do all four worksheets for each date. Write your name in the box! (You can choose more than one if you want!)
  3. Create your worksheet(s)! You can make them in Word, using Canva, or any other software you like. Check out these resources for making worksheets!
  4. Send your worksheets to Linda M (email or upload to this Google Drive) by the Thursday night before “your” Sunday (so that they can be uploaded to the website and emailed out before the weekend).

Worksheet Resources

What can you put into the worksheets? Here are just a few ideas!

Pre-K / Non-Readers

  • tracing
  • colouring pages
  • simple mazes
  • instructions for drawing
  • cut-out crafts

Grades 1-3 / Grades 4-6

  • Copy/trace Bible verse
  • Short reading
  • Drawing
  • Mazes, word search, puzzles

High School

  • Bible verse questions
  • Note-taking exercises
  • Reflection questions

Helpful Links

Here are some free resources. Please try to use CCO or free-to-use materials so that we are not infringing on copyright.

Free worksheets and activities

Puzzle Makers / Worksheet Activity Generators

Images and Software